Thursday, 23 August 2007

Judges feedback from the Festival of Quilts-Quilt 1

My quilts came home yesterday with their judging sheets (though weirdly although the three quilts I sent up were crossed to be marked in the overlay category for machine quilting, no judging sheets came back for this this year.
I'm putting them up mainly for the benefit of those who have not entered a show where they get feedback and also to show how varied the judging is. You will probably need to click on the photos so you can read them.
I have covered up the initials of the judges, I don't know who they are anyway.
Quilt 1, Fliss's Quilt

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  1. Ah, quilt judges. It amazes me how one judge can say almost everything is excellent and yet another judge will give mostly satisfactory or good. Most of the time there is not a lot of room for dispute ie a quilt is either clean (one of the categories) or it isn't. Very puzzling - I could go on but won't! Thanks for sharing them and congrats again on your certificate.