Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Fabrics bought at the FOQ

Heide Stoll Weber kindly gave me some scraps so here is a little quilt I'm making for my sister. I finished it this morning, washed out the black marking and now I just need to do the binding.
This is the first piece of Heide's fabric. Like when Heide met Sally it also refuses to be photographed in it's full glory. It has bronzes, greens, iridescent blues, magenta and reds.

These are glorious , a full on Magenta and a Teal. I have a plan.....And a much paler one.

These are to go in DD's bedroom to go with her quilt on her wall and the Cath Kidston stuff on her bed.

This is a fabulous piece of reproduction Dutch fabric which goes with the Tree of Life in a previous post. Also expensive stuff. I was very disappointed when I got it home and found it's glaze felt like a plastic coating. Glazes were applied to fabrics to help them not getting dusty. Luckily the glaze was not a modern one and most has come out with just a warm rinse.

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