Monday, 27 August 2007


I've finally got round to seeing the Edrica Huws video. Great stuff.
It made me remember making collage back in the early 70's. I also remember it being very very difficult to get fabrics to be the right colour and scale to produce them. And then once having found the right colour/scale to actually stitch them together keeping the original concept. I wonder if my sister still has one of them?
This has made me also remember I have a piece of work by Danish artist Lilly Kristensen . She works with hand woven wool which presents it's own technical problems, but her work is wondrous. Sorry, the only link I could find was of cards of her work. My piece of hers has been under the bed for years as the frame and glass broke and I just haven't got round to replacing it, which I must before it is eaten away by moths.
I can't get through on the phone to my sister who lives in Greece to ask abut Lilly and what she is doing now.
This might be a good thing, the tragedy of the fires in Greece keeps making me cry. My sister and her family are safe on Mykonos. The image of the woman found embracing her four children is the stuff of nightmares. I read yesterday that 15,000 are now homeless.


  1. I knew Lilly Kristensen. For a number of years we rented her house on Mykonos for our August vacation. She moved back to Denmark, to her family's homestead. My husband saw her in the early 90's when he was traveling, but I believe she died in Denmark. We have lost touch with her sons and mutual friends. If you have any news, I would be interested.

  2. I tried to reply to you but your email address is bouncing.