Friday, 10 August 2007

Don't you just hate it..

when someone else is so very much right? (grin) I finally tried using the YLI silk thread as recommended by Diane Gaudynski. And yes it is so very much better than all the other skinny threads. I'd been avoiding it because of the expense. And the expense is phenomenal over here. I searched yesterday and the 200yd spools are £5.50 each (about $11 USA). On my last large quilt I used 13,000 meters. This works out at £357.50 (roughly double it for the dollar price!) plus postage. And because the thread is so very much finer, it's possible I will stitch more closely and use even more thread. No one stocks the 1,000 meter mini cones over here and I don't think they make them in white anyway.

The feather and the first two rounds of echo quilting are using white YLI soft touch, the rest of the quilting near the feather is cream Soft Touch and the pale blue (it's what I had) is the YLI Silk #100.
The stitch is lovely. (even though it's taking some little effort to get my 'hand' back in after using the fat threads on the Patsy Thompson feathers)
This is the same sample on the back. Don't you find it strange that the white thread and the blue both look white? This isn't a trick of the camera, they look like this in reality even when I put a magnifying glass to it.


  1. You know if you're going to use that sort of quantity regularly maybe you should set up as a UK stockist of the size you use - stitching looks fabulous as always

  2. Goodness, the stitching looks gorgeous on the back too! If I'm not careful, you'll have me getting my machine out again!