Friday, 24 August 2007

Judges feedback from the Festival of Quilts-Quilt 2

This one makes more sense as this was the quilt which won the ribbons (or what would be ribbons if the Festival of Quilts organizers didn't feel ribbons were demeaning, we get certificates instead)
Last one tomorrow


  1. I've been thinking about this scince we spoke, and this is really picky. Could the problem with the border/binding be that the feathers aren't exactly the same distance from the binding all the way around? Or is that just an artifact of the photographs? I've been looking at my closeups of your quilt and it is the only think I can see, and then only in your photograph.

  2. What an excellent idea to show the slips - I hadn't expected to receive this level of commentary when I entered and it acted as a stimulus to entering the following year. (No time this year unfortunately.) I too was surprised by the diversity of comments, but imagine how we would feel if they were identical!

    I believe that FOQ is as much a learning curve for the judges as it is for the entrants, which must be good for this obsession of ours!

  3. In my own defense I must tell you the mitres are stitched down. I thought it anal but had heard they liked it, so I stitched them down inside the binding. Obviously next time I'll make the stitches show (grin).