Friday, 10 August 2007

Our Gargoyle as promised

Yesterday whilst browsing blogs I came across Di in Australia's post
she had a temporary roof decoration, a duck.
Ours is our gargoyle. He came to us from a country fair. He's salt glazed and a very happy and useful chap.
At the time our DD was starting to have normal childhood nightmares so when we installed him on the house he went on the outside of her bedroom wall to 'protect' her.
When we moved house, he came down about two days before the move and when she noticed she had a nightmare that night. And for the next two nights before he found where we had moved to (grin). His magic worked for years. Wonderful the power of thought isn't it?

Apparently gargoyles here in the UK have slightly different styles according to which part of the country they come from. This chap hails from Bristol and was created with that sort of face.

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  1. Oh, isn't he delightful! Thanks for posting a photo of him. :-)