Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Flowering things and quilt book/fabric sale

These are amongst my favourite garden flowers, Godetia, you just sprinkle the seeds and up they come. The petals are papery like poppies.Some late sown cosmos is coming up behind.

I really shouldn't let this clematis grow into this standard rose but I love the colours mixed together. They were planted next to each other to get this effect but normally the clematis comes out earlier than it's supposed to and the rose later.

Love fuschias, they remind me of ballet dancers

This is supposed to be an ornamental vine but each year it produces tons of inedible fruit. The foliage doesn't know what to do with itself this year, it's producing new growth and autumn colour at the same time.

A friend who has given up quilting gave her stash of fabric and books to a local quilt group. They had a sale this morning and raised £500 ($1,000) for the local hospice and of course I did my 'bit' by buying loads of books and magazines. 5 bags full to be precise. I have a bit of space on my bookshelves as I donated some myself, but now another cull is in order........


  1. I've just started reading your blog, so don't know if you have added "photographer" to your list of accomplishments, but you certainly can! Lovely!


  2. Wow...Glad to see your doing your bit! ;o)

  3. Your garden pictures are beautifil. The weather has been a bit odd this year hasn't it, there are strange things happening in our garden too.

  4. I have four pink shrub roses (gertrude gekel - not sure of spelling sorry) and each has a different coloured clematis grownig through it. I just love the colour combinations and the gay abandon. I'm with you 100% with your rose and clematis combo. Beautiful. The Wittering Rainbow

  5. Clematis are my absolute favourite flower to grow in the garden and I'd have them climbing on over and through everything

  6. I love your photographs especially the clematis - my favourite garden flower.