Monday, 13 August 2007


Then I cut the pre-marked circle out.
And cut a lining the same size.

Then two pockets. I hemmed one of the longer edges by folding the fabric over twice and the other three sides just the once.

I stitched them in place on the lining. The scissors showing are just to show which side to leave open.

I stitched round the ouside about a scant ¼" to the back of the quilted circle.I added some double fold binding on the front

Pinned it folded over

making sure when it was folded over that it covered the stitching line

Then very carefully with the walking foot, I stitched it in the ditch.

Just so you can see where the stitching went . I then folded it in half so a feather was showing on each side.

I used a shiny cord but other things would work. I sewed about 6" either side towards the fold and inserted the cord at each end right into the fold. If you ever wondered what those little plastic bits were you got with your machine, here they are in use. Because there is a big hump when you get to the bit with the cord, you just slide them behind the foot to level it off. These seams were stitched again in the ditch between the binding and the quilted fabric.

I then pinned the cord to where I had started the seam and by hand, caught the cord between the binding.

And there it is finished. An evening bag. (Or pocket book if you are American)

If you see someone with it at the Gala dinner at the Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC, England on Thursday night, come and say hello to me.

I had to wedge it between cushions to show you the inside of the finished bag. The little pockets are for things like parking tokens, change for the cloakrooms etc.
I made the lining bright as I find it quite hard to find stuff in bags with black linings in low light.


  1. Now that's a bit classier than a home-made badge as an identifier!

  2. Sally,
    You make the nicest feathers-your plume shapes are to die for! I just went back and read the preceeding post and I NEVER could have guessed what you were making with this piece! Very ingenious!

  3. I always forget to make the lining pale, so well done for remembering. I look forward to seeing it at the dinner.