Wednesday, 8 August 2007

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7 facts about me and gardening (and sorry Annabel, I don't know 7 other gardening quilting bloggers)
1, I once lived 'The Good Life' as in the TV program. I had cows, a horse, chickens, guinea fowl and geese. These provided an unlimited source of manure. On the gardening side of this I did it the 'easy' way and employed a gardener.(very big grin)
This was when I was married to Voldemort Mark 1.

2. At this time I had a half acre walled garden (what I would give for that now). It had figs in the south corner which fruited year on year. Espaliered pears and peaches against the house. The remains of a gothic arched Victorian greenhouse and about 30 large cold frames. It also had the remains of a much bigger greenhouse which had an elaborate heating system.

3. I didn't really get into gardening until I moved in with Voldemort Mark 2. We lived in a small modern terraced house with a very small garden. This was good for a beginner, the beds weren't much bigger than large window boxes.

4.The next house was Victorian and had a large garden which was mainly laid to lawns. Each year I dug and planted a new bed, mostly perennials.

5. My favourite garden flowers are hardy annuals like godetia, cornflowers, poppies etc and peonys, both tree and the ones from tubers, oriental poppys (see the bright colour scheme emerging).

6 After this it has to be clematis, the big blousy ones (and a bit of montana). And I can't leave out Zephirine Drouhin, bourbon climbing rose which has no thorns and the perfume is heavenly (did I mention sweet peas at all?)

7. In the last couple of years I've developed a fondness for ferns, from tiny weeny ones through to tree ferns.

And that's probaby more than you ever wanted to know.

ps I do NOT grow vegetables. I do grow herbs.

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  1. Oh, the Good Life was my favorite show. It was called Good Neighbors over here in the states.
    We ordered it from Netflicks and saw the whole series again recently.
    I used to be a member of our local garden club, but got tired of pulling weeds so I have turned the whole yard into lawn with a few bushes. We have a team of lawn-mowers who come by and do the hard work now.