Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

In Britain today is Mothers Day (Or Mothering Sunday).
These fabulous roses are deep deep red but the camera is not playing.
My own mother was dreadful. I cannot remember even one instance of affection.
I very nearly never became a mother. Two ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and finally IVF later I gave birth to a baby girl (20 years ago , tomorrow). It still brings tears to my eyes to realise how lucky I am.
My best present this morning were the words on her card 'you are the best mother I could ask for'. I had a lousy role model so I'm very lucky to have got it right.
Spare a thought today for all the women you know without children, some through choice (though some just say this to avoid discussion), some because the magic of conception just hasn't happened.


  1. Sound words well spoken.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Sally - the roses are fabulous! It's rare to hear of a mother not giving affection and mine is the same unfortunately. I guess it helps us get it right by showing us what not to do...

  3. Happy Mothering Sunday! I also had a miserable role model, but I'm the mother now of two grown daughters, and each of them has children, too. It's wonderful!

  4. I am so happy you were able to have a baby girl and enjoy the blessings of your little gift!
    Congratulations on your truly inspiring example!