Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Quilting the Swags and lovely things in the post

I tried several different things on these swags before I settled on this. The lines are about ¼" apart. Another 31 swags to go but last night the dreaded insomnia came back to hit me between the eyes and then when I finally drifted off, I woke to a stinking headache. Tomorrow is another day, but Steph is coming and I'd like her to help in the garden whilst the weather is so very lovely.

Christine Thresh sent me these two super patterns. They are both very clever, the wedding ring are pieced with no curved piecing and the butterflies are three dimensional. You can find them here .
They are both very clever and I wish I'd thought of them, though they both have given me inspiration for other ways to take the idea.
Then Alex Veronelli from Aurofil Threads sent me these lovely samples of their threads. I can't wait to play with them but have two things which must be finished before I have time.

Sometimes I put an offer for something on Ebay with a very low bid. Most times I don't win the item but sometimes I get lucky. This lovely pieced bowl was described as in excellent condition. However as you can see in the 2nd photo it has a rather amateur repair. The seller promptly refunded my payment so it sits on the windowsill until such times as it needs a wash (that will probably make it fall apart) and then will go in the bin.

You can see where its been broken and the repair here. Click on it to see it enlarged. It isn't a very special piece so I can only assume someone repaired it to practice.


  1. Oh, Please, tell me how to get aurofil to send you samples! Just ask them? Or do you have to be special?

  2. Swags are lovely Sally. Did you FM or use a walking foot for the quarter inch lines? I HAVE to use a walking foot. (VBG)