Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sometimes perfection isn't what is wanted

I started painting the new bed this morning and it struck me perfection is not always required or even desired. This is just the undercoat but when it's finished I don't want if to look like it's just been done nor do I want that carefully distressed look. We'll have to wait and see. I haven't a clue how to get what I want, it might take time just until it gets a few knocks.
And I thought this equally applies to quilting and other hand crafts. Many years ago I knitted DH a Guernsey sweater made traditionally with very fine wool. When I'd finished and given it to him, he said "Wow, that's great it looks machine made". I never knitted for him again. So what we want is something which says not too obviously, this is a one off, made by one person with care.


  1. I agree! If I hand make something, I want it to be obvious it is hand made - in a good way!

    Lovely bed by the way :-)

  2. Makes me think of a neighbor of mine who polished an antique brass candlestick until it looked like it had just come from the Oriental Bazaar (cheap import store). There's a fine line sometimes.

  3. It's amazing what a lick of paint can do what a transformation, I've got a few pieces waiting for my magic touch a lick of paint new knobs and voila ! hopefully it will look french provencal or shabby chic ,by the way the Roses are beautiful are they real ?


  4. there is so much online to see how to make it look old painted. It's so lovely now! Good for you to paint it though. It is wood afterall.
    Your knitting story reminds me of my daughter one Christmas.."mom, I thought you'd knit me one!" When I told her I had done it, she said that it looked so good she thought someone else had done it! I still knit for her. I haven't improved on that one!
    Great blog. I am here in the "colonies" as canada can be known and we have Mother's Day in May. My sweetie says every day is M Day.

  5. I like the bed painted white .. nice ... by the way lovely roses for mothering sunday