Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Going round in circles

First draw your feather into a space you have set.

Then scan it and print it, or photocopy it. Do it the number of times you need all in one go. Even the best printers, copiers and/or scanners distort the image a little. At least if it's all done in one go the chances are the distortions will all be the same.

I've cut out my feathers and glued them down so I have my master pattern to trace through onto the fabric as many times as I need.


  1. Hi Sally,

    Love your feathers, they look real good. I always admire your drawing skills, since I'm a quilter who never draws anything I love seeing it drawn out. Makes me want to do some drawing myself.

  2. Awwww..... you're making me want to take a day off "work" and just "play"! Looks great!!!!

  3. Wonderful, Sally!! Thanks for sharing! Your feathers are very beautiful! Carla