Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Got round to doing a bit of colouring today.

First I traced it through and added a bit of shading.
Wetted it and 'smudged' the colour up a little (still not happy with the bleeding but I might have to live with it)

Then it's a matter of choosing the right colour. (or colours)

I did another one but with Textile Medium. I have to wait 24 hours before I heat set it to see how it comes out but it doesn't look very wonderful so far.


  1. Wonder if you've laid them out in your order of colour preference? They all look good from here, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  2. Are you using Inktense pencils Sally? If so there is an Inktense Outliner pencil that acts in the same way as gutta in silk painting that keeps the colour under control once the water is added.
    I find that a nearly dry brush or a small sponge is best for wetting them.
    Good fun though isn't it? :o)

  3. Tide to go stain stick might help with the bleeding. The bleach pen will probably work for sure but MUST be washed out immediately or it will ruin the piece possibly even eat a hole in the fabric. I prefer the Tide pen.

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  5. Try using a Q-tip and peroxide to touch up for the bleeding. Less harsh than bleach! Really does work and had to do it on a few quilts over the years. OH and my favorite is the bright blue one at the bottom:) Lovely feathers!

  6. I have seen some of your posts and really liked them!! I have added your blog to my RSS Feed.

  7. I would love to know what you are using for your coloring, why you are mixing it with fabric medium, and anything else about the process that will help those of us not as advanced to learn.

  8. I just found you via "Next Blog." I have a cat so it's fun seeing others experiences with their furry friends.

    What is it that you are doing in this post with the "feathered" like drawing and the added color?

  9. Those feathers are georgeous - how do you do them??