Sunday, 7 March 2010

The sun has been shining (and cats and quilts)

This pond is down the road from the house about 100 yds away. It's called a pond though it is the largest body of freshwater in Hampshire. I'm pleased to find the swans survived the frozen winter. And as soon as the first sun is out, so come the crocus. This photo doesn't do this lawn of them justice.

 Rosie thinks she has a right to be on this quilt, guess what darling? I suppose I haven't gone over it finally to remove cat hair so one more time won't matter too much......


  1. What a beautiful place and swans too. How neat is that?

  2. I love the quilt! Your cat sure looks comfy!
    Lucky you to live so near a "pond" with swans!!♥

  3. That looks like the perfect place to take a blanket and a book and relax.

    The quilt looks great!

  4. i can never get all the cat hair off my quilts - i must live in a miasma of fine fur as there always seems to be at least half a dozen cat hairs hiding and ready to spring forth when the quilt is unwrapped! am deeply envious of your beautiful feathers btw